Meet the Crew

Get to know the friendly Apple Blossom Baby crew.


She taught preschool for 12 years and earned a degree in Child Development before James convinced her to open the baby shop of her dreams.  Other than the fact that it refuses to clean its own windows, Apple Blossom is that shop.  Where else can a girl spend all day with her family and friends and buy hundreds of outfits and not get in trouble?


He came on board a few years ago, when it became evident that Apple Blossom might benefit from a less chatty owner.  He can be found cleaning, organizing and reaching all those high up things.  He’s also super knowledgeable about all the fun things, like baby wearing, cloth diapering and the joys of sucking the snot out of feisty children.


She is the original Apple Blossom Baby.  She was 14 months when we opened the shop and grew up behind our desk.  Although she had the audacity to grow and go off to school, she can be found testing the weight limits of our Wheely Bugs most holidays.


She started working at Apple Blossom when she was 4 days old.  Her duties include floor cleaner and product taste tester.  She’s also super good at demonstrating baby carrier holds and how things in the shop will fit a child about her age.  She has also promised to not grow up.


She is going to school to get a degree in Child Development and to be a Vet Tech.  She says babies and puppies have a lot in common.  They are both cute and cuddly and they both put everything in their mouths.  Being a student she is great at paperwork, so thanks to her we are much less likely to run out of your favorite things.


She became pregnant right after starting at Apple Blossom.  How’s that for dedication to learning the products?  We know she’s great, because even pregnancy brain hasn’t slowed her down.  She has promised to give birth to a snuggly baby who will be happily worn when she comes back to work.

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