What to Consign

We offer the following types of  ‘trade’.

1.   Purchase.  We buy most items we can sell for more than twenty dollars.  You will get half of what we can sell it for based on its condition when you bring it in.  You will receive either a check or cash when the buyer looks at it.

2.   Consignment.  We will consign specialty and slower selling items. Consignment items need to be left with us for three months.  After the second month, we will reduce the price 25% to help it sell.  If you do not pick it up after the third month, we will further reduce the price until it sells. You will get a check for half the final selling price.

3.  Store Credit.  We will give you store credit for items that will sell for less than twenty dollars.  Your credit can be used to pay for half the price of resale items that are selling for less than twenty dollars.  For example:  You can pay for a 4.99 resale outfit with 2.50 in store credit and 2.50 plus tax in actual money.  You cannot use store credit on new items, or on resale items that sell for over twenty dollars.

We price larger items based on the following factors:

  1.  Current selling price for the exact same item at this time.  This price may not be the same as what you paid for it.
  2. The condition your item is in when you bring it in.  For top dollar, it needs to be as clean as possible and have all of its original parts.
  3.  Our experience with selling similar items.  Certain items have a higher resale value and will sell for closer to their original selling price.

We price smaller items based on the following factors:

  1.  The condition it is in.  The same outfit will sell for different prices in our shop depending on its condition.
  2. The brand.  Gap items will sell for more than Carters items, although there is not as great a difference as there was when the items were new.
  3. Our experience with selling similar items.  Prices may vary depending on the style and size of the items you bring in.

For safety and liability reasons, we do not sell car seats. All items should have all original pieces, straps, trays etc. Please include batteries when possible. Please call 345-1617 before you bring large items – we sometimes have to limit certain items due to space constraints. To protect children’s health and safety all equipment will be checked for safety recalls. Recalled items are subject to be returned or disposed of at our discretion.

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