A Runny Nose is No Fun, No it Snot

Apparently, if you insist on crawling around putting every manner of thing in your mouth, you will eventually get a little cold, complete with a snotty nose.  So, thanks to our very oral 8 month old, we recently had an opportunity to road test two of the incredible nasal aspirators we offer at Apple Blossom Baby.

nasal-greenWe do offer the classic bulb syringe, which you squeeze creating a little vacuum that will pull out the snot.  Most of us are familiar with this type.  They work, but it can take several attempts to get the boogies out.  Often, the suction power ends just before the big booger is removed. It inevitably gets sucked back in on the babies next temper induced inhalation and you have to start the whole process over again.  Besides being annoying, there is a risk of irritating the nasal lining if you use any aspirator too frequently.  Irritated nasal linings create even more mucus and can cause bleeding.

We tried this type with our first born and like I said, it worked, but it left me with a feeling that there should be something better.  Now eight years later, I can say there is. nasal--nosefrida

Both the NoseFrida and the BabyComfyNose work the same way, with human suction.  That is to say, you suck the snot out of your child’s nose with your very own lungs.  Now before you go running to the bathroom, let me say that I know where you are coming from.  Years ago when a customer suggested I carry the NoseFrida, it took me a month to place an order, because I couldn’t explain how it worked without gagging.  The science was sound and the reviews were good, so we started carrying them.  Then a little later we added the BabyComfyNose.  It worked on the same principle, but it came in a fun pink or blue, had a mesh bag and didn’t need replacement filters.  Choice is good right?

We knew we would use a human powered snot sucker on our new baby, and since my husband was the most fascinated with this creation, I let him pick which one we would use.  He chose the NoseFrida.  When she got her first snotty nose, we approached the NoseFrida with caution.  We were ready to do what we needed to do in order to help our little one, we just hoped we wouldn’t gag in the process.

I loaded the filter and cradled her close, holding the NoseFrida to her nose.  I exhaled deeply and put the rubber tubing in my mouth and inhaled in short pulsing breaths.  Snot came pouring out of her little nose, more than I had ever imagined a tiny child could make.  Even more thrilling, I didn’t taste anything, no hint of salty snot at all.  Of course, she didn’t like it.  I don’t blame her.  It must have felt like I was removing her brain.  The great thing was that she only had to endure that awful feeling twice, once each nostril.  Another bonus was that she remained boogie free for much longer than I expected, I assume it was due to the more effective extraction.  Hooray for less irritation and a more effective way to suck snot!

If the NoseFrida worked so well, why did I get the BabyNoseComfy? Um, I left the NoseFrida at home.  I blame it on new mommy organizational skills.  It worked out well though, because now I have one in my diaper bag that goes wherever our baby goes, and one at home.
nasal-nose The BabyNoseComfy works the same way as the NoseFrida, you snuck the snot out with your own lungs.  The big difference is that you use tissue instead of filters, which means you are not going to run out of filters in the middle of the night.  Also the part that touches the baby’s nose is a softer rubber than the NoseFrida.  I do feel like I have to suck a little harder with the BabyNoseComfy than I do with the NoseFrida.  So which is better?  It comes down to preference and we feel that either choice will work wonderfully for your family.  After a whole week of using both interchangeably my husband and I have come up with a pro/con list.



  • It’s easy to create suction.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It’s very effective


  • You have to buy filters.
  • The tip that goes against the baby’s nose is a rigid plastic.



  • You can use your own tissue or toilet paper as a filter.
  • The tip that goes against the baby’s nose is a soft but firm plastic.
  • It’s very effective.
  • It’s easy to clean.


  • You have to suck a little harder to get a good extraction, and if you put too much tissue in it’s even harder.

Either way, you will have a great nasal aspirator and a less snotty baby.  Want to read more?  Check out these links.



Want to see them in person?  We have them in stock.

Still want the traditional bulb syringe?  We have that too.

Five Green and Speckled Frogs

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a woman who taught preschool.  Her favorite thing in the whole day was circle time.  The songs and games were so much fun, and such a sneaky way to teach children so many things.  One day the woman opened a baby shop and she loved it.  Except there was no circle time.  So, like all self indulgent people, she started a blog and decided to post some of her favorite circle time songs and activities.

You have happened upon the first of what we hope will be a series of easy ‘circle time’ activities you can do with your family.  This is a finger play/song, called Five Green and Speckled Frogs.  We invite you to print and cut out the frogs.  From there they can be glued or taped to sticks and used to act out the song.  If you know a different version, please by all means, sing that one instead.  The fun factor alone makes this a worthwhile activity, but if you would like to get a few teachable moments in, here is what you might want to know.

  • You are counting backwards.
  • You can sing the song, skipping the odds.  (4 frogs, 2 frogs)
  • You can sing the song skipping the evens or the evens. (5 frogs, 3 frogs, 1 frog)
  • You can take the frogs away in descending size order (taking the larger ones away first)
  • You can take the frogs away in ascending size order (taking the smaller ones away first)
  • After taking away a frog you can ask your child how many are left. “We had five frogs, we took away one, how many frogs are left?”
  • You can create your own logs for the frogs to jump off using toilet paper rolls.

These activities are about getting little brains thinking, not about right and wrong, so please have fun.  Sing loud, sing silly, make sound effects if you want.

Click the picture below and either save for later or print now.

frog songThat is just a few of the sneaky ways you can sort and learn with these little frogs.  We’d love to hear any other fun things you did with them.

Have Fun!

Check out What’s New

There are so many great new things happening at Apple Blossom Baby.  We have a whole new section, and although we were sad to see the bookstore go, we are loving our new space, and our new streamlined drop off area.   (More about that later.)  If you have not stopped in to check it out, we think you’re going to be surprised.  The shop is huge.  We could play hide and seek in it.  Some of you probably have.  If you get lost though, let us know.  We’re here to help.

Also new is this, our new website.  It’s always been a little blah.  I mean, you could find our hours, or check out our policies, but once you did that, there was really no point.  It seemed a shame to take up a perfectly good domain name and not offer a little more.  So here it is, a little more.

All that insanely detailed product knowledge you have come to expect from us, we’ll post it here.  Fun songs and activities for your family?  Here.  Even those family friendly recipes we seem to give out all the time will be here for your viewing pleasure at three in the morning.  That is when you are able to find the time, right?  Of course like anything else we offer, if you need anything at all, just ask.