Check out What’s New

There are so many great new things happening at Apple Blossom Baby.  We have a whole new section, and although we were sad to see the bookstore go, we are loving our new space, and our new streamlined drop off area.   (More about that later.)  If you have not stopped in to check it out, we think you’re going to be surprised.  The shop is huge.  We could play hide and seek in it.  Some of you probably have.  If you get lost though, let us know.  We’re here to help.

Also new is this, our new website.  It’s always been a little blah.  I mean, you could find our hours, or check out our policies, but once you did that, there was really no point.  It seemed a shame to take up a perfectly good domain name and not offer a little more.  So here it is, a little more.

All that insanely detailed product knowledge you have come to expect from us, we’ll post it here.  Fun songs and activities for your family?  Here.  Even those family friendly recipes we seem to give out all the time will be here for your viewing pleasure at three in the morning.  That is when you are able to find the time, right?  Of course like anything else we offer, if you need anything at all, just ask.

2 thoughts on “Check out What’s New

  1. I checked out your website and found a spelling error. The word “isle” is not the correct spelling…it should be “aisle.”

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